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Shingo Uryū (瓜生 新吾 Uryū Shingo) is the main protagonist of Mashiroiro Symphony. He is a second-year student of Kagamidai Academy who was selected as a test student that he transferred to Yuihime Girls' Academy to participate in 2-T, the second-year test class. He was elected the class representative. He quickly makes friends with several girls at Yuihime Girls' Academy, though Airi Sena does not want to get along with him or any of the other boys.

Shingo is voiced by Takahiro Mizushima (Drama CD/anime).


Shingo is a very kind and hard-working boy


  • Shingo was sickly and asthmatic in his childhood, but he is in good health now.
  • Shingo's parents are to busy with their work and thus he is seldom at home
  • Shingo has five love interest:
  • Shingo has very caring Personality to others that his weakness is that he feels sad to not being set up the mood.

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