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Sakuno Uryū

Sakuno Uryū (瓜生 桜乃 Uryū Sakuno) is a first-year student of Kagamidai Academy and the younger stepsister of Shingo Uryū. She was selected as a test student with her brother, and transferred to Yuihime Girls' Academy to participate in 1-T, the first-year test class. She happened to meet Airi Sena at night on September 30, the day before the transferring on October 1 that she became close friends with Airi at that time.


Sakuno has a quiet personality


  • The reason that Sakuno is Shingo Uryū's younger stepsister is because her father married Shingo's mother about ten years ago.
  • Sakuno is good at cooking
  • Sakuno has a poor sense of direction that she often gets lost.
  • In the anime, it is also shown that Sakuno doesn't care much for Hayata Mukunashi (Shingo's friend).
  • Among the main female characters, Sakuno is the youngest but tallest girl.
  • Sakuno often goes shopping to Kume Mart.