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Mashiroiro Symphony

Mashiroiro Symphony: Love is Pure White.


The story of Mashiroiro Symphony primarily takes place in the fictional town of Kagamidai (各務台?), which consists of two distinct districts dubbed the "Old District" (旧市街 Kyū-shigai?), which primarily contains traditional housings resided by upper class families, and the "New District" (新市街 Shin-shigai?), which is generally inhabited by working class families. The town also houses two private academic institutions undergoing a merger: the Yuihime Girls' Private Academy (私立結姫女子学園 Shiritsu Yuihime Joshi Gakuen?), a notorious upper class girls' academy nicknamed Yuijo (結女?), and the Kagamidai Private Academy (私立各務台学園 Shiritsu Kagamidai Gakuen?), a coeducation school which Shingo, the protagonist whose role the player assumes, attends. As part of the merger, students from both schools are selected to participate in a test class at the Yuihime Girls' Academy campus,[1] an act which is initially opposed by the female student body.

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