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Airi Sena

Airi Sena (瀬名 愛理 Sena Airi) is a second-year student and the daughter of Ranka Sena (the Yuihime Girls' Acaedmy's principal). She always gets the best grades among all second-year students.

At first, she was against the plan for merging of the schools who rejected male students from Kagamidai Academy, but she began getting along with them several weeks later.

She was elected the class representative along with Shingo Uryū. She was born and brought up in an upper class family in the Old District, but she has lived by herself in a low-priced apartment in the New District since she started attending Yuihime Girls' Academy.

She lives in a simple life and often goes shopping to a local supermarket in the New District named Kume Mart to buy reasonable-priced food and daily necessities.

Airi is voiced by Nazuna Gogyō (PC) and Ryōko Ono (Drama CD/PSP/anime).


  • In the manga, she is Shingo Uryū's girlfriend.
  • she loves shopping when there are sales